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3 Digital ways to grow with Jesus

There are SO many amazing resources to point our families and ourselves closer to Jesus. Here are three of our favorites!

1. LifeWay Kids at Home. Each Friday, new Bible Lessons will be available for kids and preschoolers, including video teaching, Kids and Preschool Activity Sheets, and a Conversation Sheet. Follow the steps below and you will have access to each week’s lesson.

Go to (save it in your favorites for future use)

Select Register To Begin to create a Lifeway ID (name, email & password). If you already have a Lifeway ID, select that option.

Once logged in, the content will be available under the “Watch Now” section.    Note: Grades 1-6, select LifeWay Kids at Home Kindergarten & Younger, select Lifeway Preschool at Home (Some Kindergarteners may prefer the videos and activities under LifeWay Kids at Home.)

2. Has AWESOME resources (lots of encouraging videos for parents and kids). They have been made free for this time!

3. Right Now Media is essentially the “Netflix" of video Bible studies because once you register, you will have instant access to thousands of great discipleship videos for kids, youth, parents, married couples and more.

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