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Creating Rain Clouds

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

This science experiment is perfect to do with your children! All you need to create this sensory rain cloud is: a cup of water, shaving cream, and some food coloring.

Use blue coloring to make it look like rain or have some fun with it and use multiple colors!

For this experiment I used a mason jar, any crystal clear container will work to show the rain we are creating!

To create the rain cloud get your clear container and fill it to about the 3/4 mark with water.

Then have your child add the shaving cream in! Let them create as big of a cloud as they can, remind them just like they created this cloud God created the clouds we see outside!

God didn't just create clouds though, he also created the rain that comes from them!

Have your child add in the food coloring to make it rain!

As the food coloring makes its way through the cloud it will come out of the bottom just like rain does!

This activity works fine motor skills as your child manipulates the shaving cream, and the dropper to add the food coloring, it also shows the wonder God created.

If you and your child make this craft take a picture and post it on our Facebook page.

We would love to see you and your family enjoying discovering God's creation!

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