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DIY Freezer Popsicles

Can't get to the store to get some freezer pops? Try this DIY freezer pop hack.


Juice (your choice)

Gallon Sized Zip Lock

Vacuum Sealer

Pitcher or Tall Container

Bag Clips

Start by placing your zip lock bag on the seal and turn on. You can keep all the compartments intact as I did or you can separate each popsicle bag. To separate each bag you can pull firm and slow as it heats up and it will seal and separate the bags.

Then, using a funnel, fill your compartments.

Place in the freezer standing up, you can use a pitcher or tall container for this. To keep the compartments standing upright us bag clips and clip them to the side of the container. Freeze overnight and enjoy!

What do popsicles have to do with Jesus? Check out our video here, or read our article here.

Try using one of our freezer pop koozies, check out the hack here.

If your kids make this craft, take a picture and tag us @hpbc_quarries_kids or share on our Facebook page.

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