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DIY Wooden Growth Chart

Updated: May 19, 2020


6 Foot wooden fence picket

Sand paper


Wood stain

Printable Number Tracer

Start with a 6-foot piece of wood. I used a 6 foot fence picket. Sand the wood until you reach a desirable texture. I had my five year old help me and she had a blast.

Stain the wood with wood stain of your choice and then let it dry according to the instructions on the can.

Measure and mark at each foot, 1.25’, 1.5’, 1.75’, 2’ and then so on.

For the numbers, print the tracer number sheet and place the number on each foot mark on the board. Using a pen firmly press and trace the number. You should be able to see a faint impression into the wood then paint over.

Enjoy and customize to each child’s personality or their room decor.

If you make this for you or your family take a picture and tag us @hydeparkthequarrieskids on Facebook.

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