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Easy Ribbon Growth Chart

How to make an easy growth chart to track your child’s growth for years to come.


Ribbon (2.5 inches x 2 yards)


Piece of thin ribbon or string


How To:

Start by cutting a 6-foot length piece of ribbon. Try to avoid using a wired-edge ribbon.

Start by cutting a strip of ribbon 6 ft in length. Then glue to the dowel.

Make a mark at the top of the ribbon. Use that as your starting point and measure down from there making a mark every 3 inches.

Free hand or stencil numbers every foot with a sharpie marker.

Last, tie a ribbon or string to the top dowel and hang 6 feet off the ground.

Enjoy customizing the ribbon to the child’s personality or room color.

If you make this for you or your family take a picture and tag us @hydeparkthequarrieskids on Facebook.

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