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Family Easter Decor

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Create an easy wreath cross with help from the whole family!

Go to a local park, take a walk and enjoy the sun. Tell your kids to go on a stick hunt. You will want 10 long, straight, thin sticks. Make it a fun exciting competition. Who can find the straightest sticks, most sticks, or find them the fastest? Involve your kids in the whole process from picking out the sticks and flowers to helping you glue it together.



Flowers (Real, Fake, Paper, whatever you have access to)

Hot glue



Garden Sheers

How to:

First, find 8-10 thin, straight sticks. Then using some garden sheers, cut off any branches sticking out.

Second, arrange the sticks in an order that you like and then tie them together using twine. You will have two piles of sticks tied together. Use more twine to tie the two piles together into the shape of a cross.

Third, flowers.

You can use fake flowers, real flowers from your garden, or even paper flowers. I purchased this bouquet of fake flowers from Walmart for $5 and one was plenty.

For fake flowers, start by taking the flower heads off of the stem. Then, glue the flowers to your cross. Use a combination of greenery, big flowers, small flowers, and mix up colors to your liking. I added a palm frond to my cross to remind me of Palm Sunday.

Last, Hang on a wall or wreath hanger using the twine.

This is such a fun craft for Easter decor and it involves the whole family. What could be better than that?

I had some left over flowers and sticks so I made a mini table topper. Get creative and have fun.

If you and your child make this craft, take a picture and share it on our Facebook page.

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