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He is Risen-Easter Toothpick Banner

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

With Easter fast approaching we are all wondering what we are going to be doing. Since we are most likely going to be spending it at home social distancing let's not forget the reason why we celebrate. We celebrate because Jesus has conquered death. He is risen. Make your tasty treats as we always do with whatever food you have access to and pop on a homemade banner to remind you that this is no ordinary day.

Step 1: Print

Download our printable Easter Banner here, feel free to edit and print in Color

or Black and White.

Step 2: Fold

Fold the paper in half this will save you half the cutting time and make the banner as even as possible.

Step 3: Cut

Cut out the shape.

Step 4: Paste

Paste it on a toothpick using glue, tape or whatever else is handy.

Use these for any type of tasty treat. Check out our other blog posts on easy ways to transform food into Easter treats.

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