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Mommy and Me Stick Dolls

Kids will love creating a stick family with sticks found in the yard. Make one for each person in the family.


Y stick for the legs

Fork stick for the head and arms



Step 1: Select your sticks from the garden, yard, or nature walk.

I used a "Y" shaped stick for the legs on each of my stick people, and a three pronged stick for the head and arms on the mom and a straight stick for the arms on the child.

Step 2: Connect the two sticks together to form a body.

To connect a Y stick to a three pronged stick you will need to have an adult cut a slit in the top three pronged stick. Then using a sharp box cutter create a wedge shape in the bottom Y shaped stick. Use glue and wedge the bottom piece into the slit on the top. Allow to dry before continuing.

To connect a Y stick to a straight stick just bind together using twine or yarn. Form an "X" over the two sections pulling tightly as you go. Tie it off and continue.

Step 3: Use yarn to create clothing.

Start by tying the yarn to the stick and then wind the yarn around the stick. Use different colors for the shirt, pants, or skirt.

Step 4: Create the hair for your doll and attach.

Wind a piece of yarn the color of your hair around your fingers. Tie the yarn winding to the head of the stick doll. Use glue to secure the hair on the head.

Step 5: Draw on a face.

Using a sharpie, draw eyes and a mouth. I created a slit in the mouth with a box cutter but that is optional. If you have googly eyes, now is the time to use them!

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