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No Sew Felt Coin Bag

Continue your popsicle obsession with this no sew coin bag. Free downloadable pattern included.

This craft is as easy as print, cut, paste.



Printout Pattern

Glue (Fabric or Hot glue)


Step 1: Print out the pattern, free from our children's ministry team.

Step 2: Cut out the pattern.

Step 3: Trace the pattern on your choice felt color and cut. I used black for the eyes and mouth, red for the tongue, tan for the popsicle stick, and blue and pink for the popsicle.

The easiest way to cut evenly is to fold the pattern on the dotted line, and then trace your piece on a piece of felt folded in half.

Step 4: Glue the pieces together using either fabric glue or hot glue. First, fold the long popsicle stick strip in half and glue. Second, glue it to the inside of the two popsicle pieces, making sure you put glue on both sides of the popsicle stick. Third, glue the face to the outside of the popsicle.

Hot glue can be dangerous for children so use caution. If you choose to use fabric glue, let it dry per the instructions on the bottle before moving to the next step.

Step 5: Using adhesive velcro, place it on the inside of the popsicle. Clip off any extra that hangs over the edge.

Step 6: Enjoy!

If your kids make this craft, take a picture and tag us @hpbc_quarries_kids or share on our Facebook page.

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