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Popsicle Stick Frame

Materials needed: • 4x Large Popsicle sticks • 8x Small Popsicle sticks • Coffee Pod or similar • Paint (optional) • Glue (any kind that dries fast, I used hot glue) • Ribbon (optional) • Letter Stencil (optional)

Make Mom a beautiful frame for Mother’s Day! It would be the perfect spot for all the little flowers and leaves children love to pick and bring home and show Mom! When making this or any other kind of flower craft.

Frame assembly:

Cut the sticks at a 45 degree angle. They should all make a trapezoid shape.

Glue the corners together, then place a small Popsicle stick in the middle for support.

Coffee pod prep:

Reuse a coffee pod, clean it out and cut off the top ring. This doesn't have to be a perfect cut because you wont see it. Plug the hole made by your machine with glue. Cut 6 small popsicle sticks in half, glue them around the coffee pod. I needed to cut the last one at an angle to fit it in the last space.

To assemble:

Paint your pieces once they are dry. To avoid warped popsicle sticks, avoid water based paint and use acrylic instead. Younger children can also use markers. For a stained look, you can try shoe polish if you don’t have wood stain, that’s what I used here.

Write any quote, saying or verse on the side of your frame. For crisp letters, you can use a letter stencil.

Once the paint dries, you can glue on the popsicle stick coffee pod.

You can hang on the wall as is or use a piece of ribbon and half of a small popsicle stick to create a table frame. Just cut a small popsicle stick in half, glue the straight piece to the middle of the frame and attach a ribbon on the bottom

For as the earth produces its growth,

and as a garden enables what is sown to spring up,

so the Lord God will cause righteousness and praise

to spring up before all the nations.

Isaiah 61:11 (CSB)

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