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Scepter Craft

Try this fun project at your next princess/prince party, Halloween party, or just for fun. Easy to do and uses few materials.

This project was made for our 3rd-5th graders while learning about the story of queen Esther.


Dowel Rod


Foam paper

Washi tape

Hole punch

How To:

1) Cut strips of foam paper into 3 cm. You will need 6 strips per scepter.

2) Punch a hole on each end of the foam strip.

3) Skewer the 6 pieces of foam onto the dowel, starting with the bottom. Once it is all on the dowel skewer the top pieces of foam onto the dowel.

4) Spread the foam apart evenly.

5) Wrap the dowel in washi tape.

7) Sandwich 2 foam stickers together at the top of the dowel to form the top of the scepter.

8) Finish by decorating with stickers. You could also add stick on gems.

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