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Yarn Wrapped Stick Letter Craft

Enjoy time with family and do something fun for everyone. Take advantage of a nice sunny day, go outside, and collect some sticks. I had much needed tree trimming to do in the yard which led to a lot of material for this craft. If you have young ones, challenge them to see if they can make letters with the sticks. If you have older kids or you love crafts yourself challenge yourself, to make whole words and string them on as garland.


Straight Thin Sticks


Hot Glue

Scissors or Garden Sheers

  1. Start by trimming some branches or finding some sticks. Make it a game with your kids. Who can find the straightest sticks?

  2. Strip the stick of any leaves.

  3. Cut the branches to length, and arrange the sticks into the letter of your choice.

  4. Hot glue your letters together.

  5. Wrap the letter with yarn. Yarn scraps will work for this project. When changing colors just tie the two ends together.

  6. Tie a large loop to hang as a door hanger, or string lots of letters together on a garland.

Have fun and get creative.

If you make this for your family, take a picture and tag us @hpbc_quarries_kids or share on our Facebook page.

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